T-28(ussr tier 4 medium) love it or hate it?

I’ve seen so many bad reviews for this tank either on forums or from other people saying this tank is ass and that it makes the kv 1 grind very hard. I have 74 battles in this tank and it’s my favourite tier 4 in the game.

I didn’t have to deal with the stock grind for this tank as I had gone up the t34 route already and picked up the 57mm and the fully upgraded engine(both can be equipped from the very start With no turret or suspension upgrades) and let me tell you once you get the 57mm this thing is amazing. You can pen pretty much everyone you meet, Ive never had to once use gold ammo on this. It’s only downside is the low damage per shot and you actually reload faster then the aiming time.

I think why everyone hates this tank is that no one uses it right. I see countless people in tier 4 battles going to go suic scout in this tank or they try to rush to a good spot and die. This tank has NO armour and it’s a massive target. I personally play this like a TD every game. I go off and find a nice long flat flank, get behind some bushes or rocks and let my team go spot and I give supporting fire as this thing can not take any hits whatsoever.

Honestly with the 57mm and the tactic I use this tank is a blast. I loved the kv1 grind far more then the t1 heavy grind and plan on keeping this tank around. I think it gets way more hate then it deserves. What do you guys think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/borrke/t28ussr_tier_4_medium_love_it_or_hate_it/

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