T110E5 is garbage

seriusly i compared it to the conqueror and chifteain and its basically a tier 8 tank compared to them

just say 1 thing that its better in than the s.conq: uhm…………………. mobility yeah mobility, and how much, you ask? well 2.7 km/h and 4 power/weight ratio and a bit better traverse thats fucking it and what about the chifteain? well besides chifteain got worse hull armor, NOTHING this tank is worse than the chifteain in every way and the most fun thing wg in game states that t110e5 is more protected than the s.conq haha nice joke wg

so this tank compared to the s.conq sacrifices:dpm,gun handling,2 degres gun depression,can't hulldown unless something covers its giant tumor,HAS A GIANT TUMOR THAT HAS NO PROTECTION AGAINST ANYTHING BESIDES HE,can't sidescrape against tanks that have 134+ gun caliber and also can't sidescrape if the wall its using not covers the tumor,has 200health points less,hell F*ck it even has 5mm less armor on its tracks

and this tank has all these downsides just to gain plus 2.7km bonus speed plus 4 traverse speed and power weight ratio, bit better hull armor, are you kidding me?

this tank isn't good at anything but terrible at a lot of things

this tank has no place in the game currently because power creep and wg does nothing about it

im not wanting another s.conq I WANT REASON TO PLAY THIS THING over the s.conq, wg please give this tank god like dpm or make it have lot of hp and very nice hull armor so you can actually brawl with it and you can say "if i drived a super conq i would been a lot of trobule and i am glad i entered the battle with the T110E5" instead of always saying in your head this thing is crap and i should have played the s.conq

what do you guys thing about this? will this tank ever receive love from wg?

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