T110E5 Replacement Idea

So, while it is obvious that a buff to the T110E5 would be easier, another option could be to replace the tank entirely. I suggest the Super M60/AX. This is based off the M60 which is already in the game in a limited role. I feel this tank would reemphasize the T110E5s role as a "Heavy Medium" and could fill the role as a ultra high pen but lower than average damage thanks to the M735 and M774 penetrators. Combined with upgraded armor in the turret which would also mimic the T110E5s role with a higher top speed and better overall performance. Furthermore the upgraded turret is a great continuation on the "armor up top, none below" philosophy.

Not saying it's gonna be done but I feel that the end of the M60 line prior to Smoothbore experiments like the M60-2000 would be a neat replacement given that real world data is available for the Super M60.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/g2a1xg/t110e5_replacement_idea/

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