Tank Brawl announced – Tier X 7v7 game mode

I read this announcement today ( https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-modes/brawl-event-0420/). I definitely will try it, although I only have the Kranvagn, so gotta use the rentals, both of them I'm somewhat familiar with as I played the BB versions during Dynasty Wars. I'm a bit worried about the crew situation, it doesn't sound like the rentals would be able to use other tank crews without penalty.

Nevertheless, the reason I write this isn't the event itself. I can definitely see such evetn coming like every month or 2 months for a weekend for some decent rewards (I personally like styles, you can never have enough outlandish camos) but I can only hope that it won't be tier X only. Not only because I don't want to fight the holy triumvirate (279e, Chief, 907) all the time but also because such a short time-limited mode would be ideal in my eyes to feature other tiers. WoT Console runs their ranked battles in different tiers (beta season was at tier 5, last one at tier 6 but there were tier X, 9 and 8, maybe even tier 7 ranked battles). I don't mind if Ranked remains at tier X, I play my 20 qualification battles for the 1 million silver, but I definitely wouldn't mind of Tank Brawl would feature a different tier every time. You can obviously find cancer tanks at all tiers but that shouldn't stop WG to allow us to have such burst events at tiers 4-9 for example.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/g66hbc/tank_brawl_announced_tier_x_7v7_game_mode/

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