Tank Positions, Per Map

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I wanted to start a topic with the goal of sharing knowledge for new tankers and old. The Idea is to focus on one map and your go to positions depending on your tank class. Remember, this would be initial positions since would move from that spot depending how the game progresses. Now, I know most people will say it depends on the line up. So, lets assume it has a generic line up of 2x Arty, 4x TDs, 4 Heavies, 4x Meds and 1x light.

Todays Map: ABBY!

I'll go first, and feel free to use my template if you wish.


North and South spawn, sometimes I veer of an do something weird like Abby. But, I tend to always fight 1, 2 line. I've always have had consistent success more often then not.


North and South spawn, Always Abby. Only caveat is if I'm by myself I'll hold for shots for enemy team going Abby. If I have even some support I'm full send right up! I've had some monster games from up in Abby. So, I'm not about to change my approach.


North and South Spawn camp Abby for initial shots and I usually move 1, 2 line. Nothing really exciting for this one.


Don't play lights much so I don't really have a go to spot for this map.


Once again I don't really play Arty, so I just go 1, 2 line and hope for the best.

Special info: Nil

I realize this is a bit long winded so it might not be for everyone. But, I am extremely interested to see if anyone has a secret initial spot that they just devastate the enemy team on a consistent basis.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jpt2r9/tank_positions_per_map/

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