Tanks you hate that are supposed to be good

So I just picked up the Obj 430 since it was on credit discount after farming for some credits, and after slapping all the equipment on it plus getting the top engine, I just can't seem to make it work for me. This coupled with the tank I used to farm the credits that so many people say is good (Skorpion) that I similarly can't get good results with got me thinking about all the tanks I've played that people have insisted are good, but just don't work out for me. See attached image for comparison with the E50 which I've had some solid success with.

Period breakdown of the past 24 hours

Some other tanks that I've struggled with despite people saying that the tanks are either above average/good include: Luchs (I've had far greater success with the Chinese M5A1 Stuart as a mobile tank at tier 4), T-34 (M4A1 Sherman has much higher alpha and can one shot tanks when top tier), Panzer 4 H (supposed to have a similar play style to the Sherman, but the Sherman just feels far more mobile), Cromwell (gun handling is atrocious and no alpha damage), T-34-85 (inaccurate gun, somewhat sluggish, and no armor), Panther (Just feels like a slightly faster Tiger 1 with peanut alpha and way less HP), Skorpion (gun handling is atrocious, it's giant for an unarmored TD, shell velocity is too slow to reliably snipe from the distances you want to engage from), Bourrasque (some of the worst tier 8 gun handling I've seen, 20 second reload between magazines, bad penetration, bad gun depression, bad traverse speed, no armor).

Who else has tanks they hate despite people saying they're good?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/iol8cd/tanks_you_hate_that_are_supposed_to_be_good/

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