Team clash

Team clash is amazing event for community you can pick up your favourite content creator cammo commanders some emblems and other stuff. The mode itself is fun refreshing i really do enjoy 7v7 battles.

Since the announcement of the event i knew i will join team daki. I watch him a lot he is my favourite i didn't care whether he will be last or first i just wanted to get daki as a commander.

What i thing is really bad and sad is that many many people joined daki team only becouse he is at number one and i think it is now safe to say he will "win'" this event with quite a big margine.

I thought it would be nice if wg didn't show the position of the team maybe reveal it half way trough the event or 2-3 days before it ends so people wouldn't simple join the team which is currently leading. They would maybe decide which team they join based on cammo they like, maybe the voice lines or emblems. It would create some form of pressure on players not knowing what position they currently are how many players are there and etc.

I know some people would guessed what position which team is at and would join that team later people are not dumb ans there would be threads on which team players do play mostly against. But many players don't look at such stuff they would have to pick blindly. Now it is way to simple, oh he is winning? Guess i am now daki follower


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