Th sad truth about the new ranked season

The new season is here, with a major twist : it s 10vs10 and not 15vs15 anymore. How does it impact the ranked gamemode?

First, there is far LESS possibilities within the game. Before, in 15vs15 you could change flanks. There would always have been some tanks to go with you or already on the flank you were rotating to. Now entire flanks are left open but no one is foolish enough to try a push.

Second, toxicity is skyrocketing. During the previous season, you had to wait 7 to 10 days before assisting to the spamgold fest in… div3. Now "special ammo" is trully mandatory, even in the lowest div. This means that you cannot AT ALL try to F2P the ranked gamemod to get to div2 and the shop. Gold in ranked is not suprising. But so low? How? Are…good players stuck in div3? Highly possible, since the new system PUNISHES everyone trying to play for victory and risking a flank.

Third, the mode has become unplayable for certain tanks. Don t get me wrong, i know there is a meta and always was. But in 15vs15 you could play a T62A or a AMX30B for the fun and still get away with it in low divs. Now either you have a hull down monster or you ll never pass div3.

Fourth and last, you cannot F2P anymore. I always used to F2P my ranked seasons. Very little use of gold, no ration. And i got the Kpz. I got the Concept 1B. While being at a BENEFIT in terms of credits. You can t achieve this anymore. Because 10vs10 means less xp, means less credits as you do less dmg and less spotting. Simply because there is less tanks on the battlefield. And this is the real reason WG is so happy with the new gamemode. Because they succeeded in making Ranked the ultimate credit eater. And you can t get away with a progetto or a tvp playing f2p anymore.

WG nerfed Frontline income deeply by adding tier 9. Now Ranked cannot be F2P anymore. They are milking their playerbase more and more, and degrading the overall enjoyment we can have ingame. Let s hope CCs and you all the community remember what we have to do next Xmas. Prove them we are not walking wallets but being seeking entertainment in their product.

And you? What are your thoughts on the new format?


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