Thank You WGNA and a correction on my last complaint

To start with. I have been probably one of the most verbal people within Reddit and Discord on my frustrations with communication from WGNA. This can go back all the way to when Ranked was canceled and there was no official conversations on how players were going to get compensated for missing rewards.

PSA: It has now been 42 Days | PSA: It has now been 73 Days | PSA: It has now been 156 Days | PSA: It has now been 243 Days

I complained pretty heavily on Lack of Specials on NA Server during Christmas while all the other servers were getting rewards NA has nothing going on the entire Christmas/New Years Break. (We did end up getting every one) It was just spread out over the next month each weekend.

Also pretty active on complaining about all the unsportsmanlike conduct with tankers Drowning Themselves with obvious intention.

Then recently I made several posts about complaining on ticket responses and bans. I have submitted over 50+ tickets on Physics Abuse and did have some great conversations with /u/tragicloss. We did discuss the way I was tracking my times and I did come to realize that all warnings and 1 Day bans I would not of noticed because I check at times where a 1 day could of passed through my time slot and warnings I would be able to determine obviously.

One of the biggest things in conversation is they really do read the reports I just need to remember I submitted tickets for a very limited amount of individuals. Out of all my submissions there were no user repeats which just shows I am limited in reporting to the battles I play. What really needs to happen is more people who submit replays the more concrete punishment they can put in place.

There is discussions about doing a monthly report that WGNA will post similar to the Bans that are handed out for cheating. This is in the beginning stages and I am sure Legal would have to review it but I am excited to hear the results.

Yesterday that also did make a good update in regards to the "What is Unsportsmanlike Conduct?" and it helped clear up confusion on the LordSheen issue many of us are plagued with. They sent out an email to LordSheen which he posted on twitch warning him of his actions on not shooting tanks and just suiscounting (yes he drove his tank in backwards to get killed).

Also WGNA CC /u/TRU_voodoo made a post about 3 Mark Rigging like GIVUP Members to Rig Maps using Clan Spot Lights accounts. WG did immediately comment on it and suspend the CSL accounts are looking in to further action.

Overall the last few days the community has been pretty verbal and I am excited about that. Changes won't happen unless people do talk about it. But it's nice to see discussions happening and I am excited to see what happens in regards update Unsportsmanlike Conduct communication.


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