Thanks for nothing WG and get reckt!

I have been playing with longer breaks since beta. Over the years i invested… lets say a LOT of money into the game. But now you really screwed it up for me.

I was playing the battlepass (the one i also bought) and thougth i could finish it in time to get the last 25 lvls needed in those 2 weeks left.

But then you greedy porcupines came up with that braindead marathon for a feckin crap tank. All hell broke lose since that event got online. YES, there are about 20-30% more accounts online, but most of them are lobotomized washouts or straight bots.

I have never experienced that much idiotism, cluelessness and "i-dont-care" BS in this game than i have in the last week.

My winrate sunk into a bottomless pit (on average 30% a day), i lost about 1-200k credits per day and i managed to level up 3 whooping times. (I am not the worst player, had my 58% winrate at roundabout 30k battles and a decent WN.)

So thanks for screwing up the evenings of a hard working family father which wanted to just get the last bits from the season pass he paid for. I dont even care about the STRV K – i just want to play my games without bots, campers, suicide rushers and shot-holding-killstealers.

With that nonsense you lost me (you would do that anyways with crew 2.0) as a customer, player and game recommender.

After the CC desaster i cant / wont even switch to WoWs again. You are just a bunch of screwed up fart sniffers. Farewell and may your sleeves get wet every time you wash hands, you pillow always has 2 warm sides and you socks wrinkle up and itch whenever you slip into your shoes.


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