Thanks for nothing, World of Tanks Support.

I'm a disabled player, I have arthritis and memory issues due to Cushings Syndrom, because of this I dont always remember certain small details, like when I sell a tank I'm done with for whatever reason and accidently sell the Bounty Optics I earned in Season 2 by purchasing both the battle pass and the upgraded battle pass and working, sometimes through severe pain due to love of the game and it being my only entertainment I enjoy right now.
When the gear 2.0 system came out, I made a similar mistake not realising how the system worked and asked for a restoration, it took several communications with me getting more irate and they finally restored the item and charged me gold for the privilage.

I logged on a few days ago and realised I had somehow at somepoint lost the bounty item again, I genuinely had no idea when it happened but I'd sold several tanks the week before and realised I must have accidently selected to sell the bounty item instead of dismounting it.
I've had to be extra careful because when scrolling down the bigger item list when selling a tank if you dont click out of the box correctly it will continue to scroll through items and scroll the options for dismounting/selling items in that window.

As I right this I have 1100 gold (I buy 5000 gold every other week roughly plus some premium tanks and other deals if they are cool) and 3 million gold (from lock boxes and tank sales mostly) and I offered to pay the return cost of any silver I received and or dismounting cost, but they denied me saying they only allow one item restore per account.

I definitely get why restrictions need to apply, but they obviously review each case on its merits and in this circumstance I'm blown away by a support team not restoring a single digital item to keep a lucrative player happy.

I once contacted wow support years ago to ask if there was any chance at restoring some game time as I'd subscribed for 3 months then gone into hospital and not been able to play a single day, the support team gave me a credit for every day I had no logged in after that initial sub payment and wrote me a wonderfully polite and supportive email in return, this genuinely has kept me going back to wow because of the good vibes and care they have given me over the years.

TLDR: WOT stiffed me on an item I paid both real world money and in game time work time for because my illness makes me forgetful and make stupid mistakes.

Sorry for the TED talk, just wanted to get it off my chest.


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