Thanks Wargaming for all the good stuff

Well, here comes the Fanboy-ish topic of the year 😀

I'm not blind to all the stuff that is wrong like premium power creep, all the issues with burst being more and more common, lame blitz games, expensive stuff bringing less value etc. I also understand that everything that is good isn't there due to their kind hearts, but because it's a business, and they earn money.

But the truth is that I'm playing this game on and off for 7 years and this is the best World of Tanks I have ever played, and it's due to the changes introduced by WG.

So what am I thankful for?

– Arta rebalance. After all of those years it's finally fair to be on the receiving end. You have a lot of tools to minimize its influence on your game + there isn't that much of it in games most of the time + the battlefield with those tracers moving above it looks really cool and like a real battle. And I'm glad it stays in the game, because I'm also an LT driver 😀

– Battle Pass. I know I know, gold sink and stuff. But it really makes me feel progress even if I totally suck on a given day. I had horrible WN8 and lost some games? Well, at least I've made significant progress to this juicy bounty piece, a special crew member or the long awaited fragments.

– Equipment 2.0 and Field Modifications. Sure, it created some OP combinations, but not that many, but what it mainly did was make a lot of tanks that were very annoying before, fun to play now, including turret-less, slow stuff. Plus, it really makes the tinkerer in me happy, because I can try out lots and lots of combinations. Bonus points for making field modifications much cheaper on lower tiers, it's really fast to do it for example to a tier 6 tank, so it's not like new people are massively behind.

– Event rewards. I'm not playing that much, most of the time max 10 games a day, so all of those classic marathons were totally out of my reach, but with the modern events I'm feeling like I almost always have the chance to get some meaningful cool stuff without having to become a no-life and risking my marriage 🙂 Also, bonus points for high production values, the events with von Krieger and Mirny had really an amazing atmosphere and lots and lots of cool graphical and sound assets.

So ehh… I guess thanks WG for making the game good enough to not make me rage quit this year for a change 😀


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