The A-44 is one of the most godawful tanks I’ve ever driven.

Just rounding out to finish the grind and holy fuck. I’ve not driven something so infuriating in a long time, not a single game in this thing was enjoyable.

What does it have going for it?
– 300 alpha is nice for a tier 7

  • Mobility/traverse is quite nice when you can use it/when your engine isn’t dead

What does it have going against it?
– Absolutely horrendously poor gun handling to the point where your shots will straight up miss point blank if you aren’t almost 100% aimed in, this makes any shot on the move pointless and has killed me about 9 times when I thought a shell would kill point blank

  • 3 second aim time makes aiming extremely frustrating and leads to a lot of misses because you don’t have time to sit and aim

  • Armour is really poor, frontally there’s nothing beyond a pointless 200 effective plate that nearly never gets shot, turret is just as bad and makes sidescraping nearly useless, huge cupola adding to it

  • Any shot pretty much will always knock out modules and crew. Frontal track shots or frontal in general knocks out the engine 9/10 times, fuel in the back is awful and always burns when you back around a corner to hide the front, ammo dies more than a Leo PTA and the crew are made of wet paper

  • 3 gun depression is just unusable on an already terrible platform, makes precise playing really unfun and you straight up can’t play most normal positions

Why do people praise this thing at all? Sniping is a joke with the gun handling, brawling is all it can do and it fucking sucks at that too because of no armour. It might as well be slow with a hull that can bounce so it can at least do something, the SU 100M1 is at the same tier and it boggles my mind.

Do people genuinely disagree? Please tell me I’m missing something here. I got like 2k dpg at the end of the grind so I don’t think I did terribly but good lord was it maddening to drive. I usually avoid rant posts but I have to vent this time


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