The All-Chat this morning was great.

Today, to be more specific, this morning 15k tankers were online at 6o'clock and ready to buy the Foch 155 or the IS6B.

I was one of them.

Than, the moment everyone was waiting for, the black market refreshes and booom, T34B.

I was confused and so were the 16 online clan members. We thought this is a bug but no. We changed servers from EU1 to EU2 and back but nothing changed.

Than it happend, I thought it would be a good idea to look in the All-Chat, and that is something I've never done before, and I was not disappointed.

It was impossible for the mods to ban everyone who insults WG for being "stupid, brainless" and much much worse words or phrases. I wasn't able to read everything because this large amount of people spammed so fast.

I feel sorry for the WG support today, because at some point some random guy in chat started to spam "let's all contact the support and blame them!" and some other guys reacted to this and gave positive response.

No question the WG messed this one up, but please guys be nice to the support. These poor guys / girls have done nothing wrong they just do their jobs. And if you insult them you insult the wrong persons. Not the support messed this one up, the heads of WG did this.


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