The amount of people botting in this game is nuts

So, WG are renowned for their activeness in preventing botting/macroing and such (/s), so it pains me to see up to 3 bots in every single game I play.

In all honesty though, people shit on XVM for a number of reasons, which I'm not going to mention here, but there are some benefits to it too.

One of the main benefits that I'm getting from it right now is pointing out to teammates who the bots are and getting people to report them (oh, and focussing seal-clubber stat-padders 😀 ).

Nearly every single game I've played in the last 2 days (especially during the early hours of the day) has had at least 1 bot, if not more and usually on my side unfortunately. Some guy with 20k+ played games and a WN8 of like 200. I've even seen someone with 65k games who had a WN8 of 10. Yes, 10.

For some reason, the botters (at the moment) love to be in their light tanks (T-50-2 is a bot special right now) and it completely fucks people's games; the enemy scouts aren't bots and actually do something, while our guys sit on redline in a corner of the map and don't do anything until they get hit or the timer gets to a point where the bot thinks "oh, I need to go and cap".

Why won't WG do something about this? It's seriously frustrating knowing that the game is going to be a loss from the get-go because either the top-tier heavy is a bot, or, as I said, the scouts are bots, meaning we get out-spotted and have to rely on our meds or even TDs (I guess I can be grateful for the influx of Super Hellcats) to do the role of the lights.

I mean, part of me gets it. You leave a bot running all week while you're at work and by the weekend, the bot has gotten enough experience for you to play the next tank in the tech tree. With a premium tank you're getting pretty good credit income, even if you don't do jack shit in the battle and you're either training up your crews, or getting free experience that you can then just pay to "release" in order to progress through the tech tree. When does it end though? Do you bot all the way through till you have everything unlocked and a trillion credits?


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