The beautiful italian mediums

So i was scrolling through reddit and saw that the italian meds are getting nerfed.

I want to share my personal opinion about this and feel free to disagree with me because i can't understand why they do it.

First of all the progetto 65 is my favourite tier x tank that i play every now and then, and having a blast when i play smart. If it isn't my day then i perform absolutly like trash like you should right? Maybe its just me that i don't understand because its my favourite tank why it needs to be nerfed

But these days you are fighting against chieftains, 279e, ebr's and many other op tier x tanks.

So why would you nerf the progetto instead of those tanks, and yeah i know the ebr's will get nerfed in the future but there are no plans for that right now

Personally i think that the nerfs are to hard for the tank and it will kill it

I would like to hear your opinion and lets start a discussion


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