The biggest problem in this game is not 3x arty or flying EBRs.

It's the shitty community.

Yes, there are bad players, but there are bad players on both sides, they can kill you, because do not understand how spotting system works etc. but intentionally pushing, blocking is something different.

Another huge thing is the chat. Flaming once they are dead (or not), especially in close games, where you need to focus and think, exchange information with other players, that are still in the battle, because I want a win too. After so much salt however, I don't care. Really.
Also, flaming for every off-meta play, no matter if it is a good call, or not. Not to mention flaming for WN8, WR etc. At the beginning of the battle, negativity. "Shitty bot team" and the game has not even started.

Not to mention insulting family members in private chat after the game.

Yes, we can report these griefing fuckheads.

However, we need a notification system. Like "Thank you for reporting this salty animal, he will be punished for his inconvenience" or something.

Without that it feels like they get away with all that, because you see this type of behaviour again or even the players, that you already muted.

I could just turn the chat off, but sometimes it's useful. I do not want to be forced to do something like that, just because some players are not respecting the rules.

I want to play this game, I want to donate WG space program, buy more premium days, more premium tanks, but after few battles with salty behaviour like described above, I'm thinking about quitting again.


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