The Costs of Equipment 2.0 (for me and maybe you)

I am writing this because I have too much free time and nothing better to do. I'm just looking at the cost of the change to me and how it could effect others.

My Situation

I currently have 126 tanks with 370 pieces of equipment attached, with 8 empty spaces for camo or binos, this equates to 154 million Silver spent and 77 million if sold, plus 3.7k gold to demount. If equipment owned is swapped in a like for like trade all my equipment is now worth 103.2m 144.1m Silver with the new prices and 51.6m 67m Silver if sold.

Olds Vs New Equipemt Costs

Edit: Total New is now 176,450,000 if all old equipment is converted to class 1.

Situation 1 – WG swap all equipment like for like Edit: (if they dont all convert to class 1)

Best case scenario all the equipment I use is the Meta and I don’t lose any silver. If this is the case there would be no point in the update so I don’t think this will happen. Worst case scenario I have to change all equipment, even if I sell everything at the best price (before the update) I am still 26m short of refitting all tanks, also I would have to spend the 3.7k gold to take it all off. What is more likely to happen is I will need to change 1-2 per tank, which would leave me 10-15m out of pocket. Overall I feel as this would result in a negative outcome for all with the scale of how bad it is based on how much you have to lose. Even if WG remove all equipment for you that only saves you the gold and time.

Situation 2 – WG sell all equipment for you at sale price

EquipmentOld Price Buy/SellNew Price Buy/Sell
Coated Optics Class 1 (Heavy’s)500,000/250,000600,000/300,000
Coated Optics Class 2 (Medium’s)500,000/250,000200,000/100,000
Coated Optics Class 3 (Light’s)500,000/250,00050,000/100,000

This is probably the most balanced situation. After the update all equipment is sold for the price you would buy it at. This would give you close to the same amount you would need to spend to equip your tanks, with the only negative being two of the scouting equipment being classless (and costs 600k) so you could lose around 1m per tank you want to equip them on if you want both.

There are ways to make money from this but if you sell all your equipment before the update you lose around 25%. On equipment such as optics you can gain on mediums you gain 50k for each one and lights is 200k for each one. More could be gained if you find a way of making sure all equipment is class 3 (or class 1 in equipment 2.0) since they cost 600k to buy 300k to sell and the new class 2 is 200k with the new class 3 being 50k.

Situation 3 – The Radical idea

Make all equipment free. This would allow people to experiment and build tanks with the confidence that if they get it wrong they don’t have to spend hours grinding premium tanks to try again. The negative of this (for WG not us) is that if we knew this was going to happen we would all sell our equipment and would stand to make a nice profit, 77m for me at the cost of 3.7k gold. This is what I think should happen since it allows for trying the new equipment at no cost but also allowing you to change how you want to play a tank on a whim.

Some day in the future it might even let us plan ahead, if you know what map you have in advance you could have pre-set load outs to choose from, open map? Optics and Commanders Vision System. City map? Rammer and Improved Hardening. Maybe you are in a super heavy playing on Prokhorovka you are going to want the spall liner for all those arty shells because you are camping. Next game you get Himmelsdorf, now all the spall liner is doing is stopping the HE spammers. Or maybe that is what you are going for on a city map shooting super heavy’s you might want to take more HE and HEAT then on the open maps more APCR to shoot those wheeled tanks going faster on dirt than my car can do on roads (I have a slow car). This is not even a radical idea when you look at other FPS games where every time you die you can choose to be and do something different.

tl;dr Equipment 2.0 could cost or lose you millions but it could give each tank a new identity


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