The E 75 TS is the real gem of the new tier 8s

I know the 703 is the focus of this holiday event but I went into the loot boxes looking to get the Progetto and some gold and walked away instead with the SU-130PM, E 75 TS and 703 II.

The 703 II introduces a new game-play mechanic into the game on the very stereotypical Russian heavy platform. The 703 II has two 122mm guns that behave like the standard Russian 122mm in that they have bad gun handling, bad accuracy and hit hard. The key difference here being that you can charge your shots and fire both at the same time which deals a lot of damage– my very first attempt using it had me deal 750 damage to an enemy. The reload afterwards, however, had me a bit stuck with it being 21 seconds. The 703 plays exactly like every other Russian heavy and while that's not bad, I'm a bit over it.

The E 75 TS, however, plays much like the E50 from tier IX but at tier VIII and anyone that has played the E50 likely knows how good the tank is in capable hands.


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