The Ferdinand is one of the worst tanks in the game

God I wish the Jagpanther II wasn't removed from the tech tree. The Ferdinand is fucking trash. It's a huge target with no camo. It has shit mobility. The DPM is barely better than the much more mobile and fun Skorpion and the aimtime and dispersion are way worse. It can barely even fucking snipe if at all unless you run premium consumables and aiming equipment. I love the German 128mm but the mediocre accuracy coupled with average pen and alpha means I would much prefer the gun on the 2 other German TDs or the Charioteer, ISU, Strv, etc. The gun depression is ok but the tank lacks the mobility to effectively work ridgelines unless you just sit and camp and try to snipe while exposing your massive superstructure and get fucked by arty. But the absolute worst part is that the "strong" point of this tank is supposed to be the armor. 200mm of unslped armor is fucking useless at Tier 8 and huge trade-off in mobility is absolutely not worth it. This tank sucks.


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