The financial impact of equipment changes

I've seen more than a few people wondering how proposed changes in equipment might affect their accounts, so I decided to do some math. I have

  • 71 tanks in my garage – most fully equipped consisting of
  • 144 pieces of equipment, costing
  • 50 million in credits (yes many bought at discounts) which equals
  • 125,000 gold at 1G = 400 silver per 1 gold, equivalent to
  • $457 US if buying gold in the highest quantity possible.

So, WG, how are you going to respect the investment that mostly F2P players have invested in your game? What I have read suggests that they will change equipment into the "proper, new" type, regardless of value. Will there be rebates, or the opportunity to sell it back without penalty? I suspect they will tell us to accept the changes and go cry in the corner without even asking our names.

WG – DON'T DO IT!!! Show some respect to your playerbase.


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