The fury tank should not require applied camo to achieve camo stat boost

Why does the Fury tank require camo?
Hello, this is the first time I've ever posted and I'm sure this is a discussion that not many care about as it involves a tier 6 tank. I can't figure out a way to contact wargaming about this so i thought I'd bring it to reddit. The fury tank is a movie tank and for some reason it requires a camo be applied to it in order to gain camo value. This forces you to choose between keeping the tank from the movie or butchering its appearance for stat gain. They make other tanks that have camo value without needing camo, for example the t34b and any other B additions of tanks. Why does the fury not fall into this category? As a fan of the movie and the tank this seems like a huge and easily reversible fail for me on wargamings end. Please provide your thoughts and if there is a better outlet for me to be able to get this issue looked into by wargaming officials. Thank you for your time.


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