The Great Race rant

Cheers guys,

I have been playing TGR since it came out. I have played like 70 or so matches and I must say, that I have never been so angry with the community. These are my reflections.

  1. Playing solo just sucks really bad. You get queued up with 2 randoms. Most of the time one is a half decent player, who can occasionally do sth and the other is a complete bot. It is just so frustrating being 1 km ahead of your teammates and taking focus from 3 tanks, because enemy players can drive. Every 5 or so matches you get matched with a person that can't even autoaim.
  2. My second problem are AFKs. In a normal battle it just doesn't matter much when you load into a battle couple of seconds later. But in TGR it will always cost you the game. I have lost over a fifth of my games, because of AFKs. I get that everyone doesn't have a good PC, but I have a ten year old laptop for 1000 Euros and I load before the countdown every time.
  3. Baiting at start is also a huge problem. All players load up, then refuse to go first in the race. They wait until one player goes and gets the focus. They are so selfish and eventually it loses the race. Enemy players will focus you 3v1 and then reach the finish line first.
  4. Dodging matches. This is something, that I am guilty of. You don't get penalized when you dodge during the match. When I get an AFK a drunk driver or a donkey I will just leave. No point in staying in the match. You will lose every time, so why waste time.

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading. Be sure to share you reflections. I am willing to debate in the comments.


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