The Last Waffentraeger is the best special mode WG has introduced to WoT

Miles ahead of Steel Hunter that's for sure. Not only is it fun as hell to play, but it is both educational and rewarding for skilled players. Playing as the T-55, it forces you to learn to play in ways that you would be expected to play in a typical medium in the actual game.

In the early game, it starts with avoiding the WT which teaches people that when you are in a game, you should avoid engaging enemies that you can't deal meaningful damage to and seek out tanks you can do something to. It starts out with some low tier light and medium tanks in which the most effective tactic to deal with them is to ram them which teaches you that you shouldn't be afraid of bullying lower tier tanks that can't damage you.

In the mid game, you start getting heavier tanks that you can't really ram effectively so the best way to deal with them is to wolf pack with the rest of your team and DPM them into the ground which teaches people how to make effective pushes.

Finally in the late game, you're up against some tier 10 heavies with significant armor which teaches you how to effectively brawl by firing on these heavies when they are not looking at you and cycling back and forth between your team mates until dead.

On top of all of this, the little boost you can trigger shows how superior mobility can help keep you alive if you utilize terrain and cover effectively. It also teaches you to think ahead when you see the WT heading your direction and abandon a spot long before you start getting shot. The fact that you play in a tank with solid turret armor and bad gun depression will teach you how to use terrain to go hull down and utilize terrain to maximize your gun depression to get shots off.

All in all, The Last Waffentraeger seems like a great mode for new players to hone their skills against AI opponents without running into the issue of players simply exploiting the AI to cheese easy wins.


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