‘The Last Waffentrager’ mode is AMAZING!

I’m really enjoying this mode. So much I just bought 10 gamble boxes because I think Wargaming did a bloody good job and they deserve it!! I don’t remember last time I had this much fun. Frontline was kinda boring, Steel Hunter too much luck dependent and this mode hit it right in spot.

I love how sneaky you have to be in T55 and how much you need to work with your team to win. This is especially good because I’m very used to selfish random battle gameplay and it’s so refreshing to forget about personal score and actually try to win with your teammates. The gameplay is very simple to understand and majority of players I encountered DO get it, which is super awesome because one of my biggest problems with WoT these days is how many players just don’t get how to play this game. I had 0 issues with that in this mode, which just fills me with happiness because the best WoT games I had are ones where I encountered random stranger that happen to work with me to carry the battle!

And the Waffen!! God damn, this is one big fun machine! I love how well this tank will serve you if you know what you’re doing. No bullshit RNG, no bullshit misses or 1 vs 1 trolls. Just pure apocalypse on tracks, with deadly looks xD It’s such a amazing feeling controlling whole map with this beast and I love that you actually need to be skilled and aware to make this thing work.

I don’t have words, I seen many people dislike this mode already and I honestly can’t figure out why. If you have issues with this mode, tell me about it! I am actually curious xD

Holy fucking shit I love this mode XD
Whoever designed this, I fucking love you ❤️

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/j1jw9r/the_last_waffentrager_mode_is_amazing/

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