The more I play frontlines, the more I think it’s a terrible game mode.

This game is not designed for maps like this. The entire spotting mechanic is not designed for this type of gameplay. It's trying to be warthunder with the huge maps, but it doesnt work when you can be spotted from all around and not have a single idea where it's from. Spotting in random takes some skill and you can counter it. In frontlines its just a lottery.

On top of that, the map design is dogshit. There's so many open areas that when you're attacking, you need to cross them and get spotted before being focused by 10 players. There's not actual "cover" because the maps are so big and open, that when you think you're in cover, most of the time you're not. There's no counter to this.

Arty strike is abused so fucking much its untrue. Just had a game where 4 of these fucking things came at me one after the other. Literally, 4 strikes in a 20 second period. Its bullshit. This is the most infuriating thing, because arty strikes punish gameplay that isnt fast and aggressive, but fast and agressive gameplay gets you focused by 8 tanks and you die straight away. I just used an airstrike on 4 tanks that were trying to rush forward, but they were heavies so slow and easy to predict where they would be in 3 seconds. 17 critical hits and about 700 damage with 1 single airstrike I scored. It's comical. These guys got punished for coming forward as a pack and working as a team to try and force their way into an objective.

My second airstrike, I couldnt find anyone nearby, so just picked a random tank 3 zones away that wasnt moving, and 3 seconds later i'd robbed him of 500hp when i was about 2000m away.

On top of that, an average game with about 6000 dmg, running a premium account gives you about 120,000 credits. In the same amount of time it takes to run a single frontline, you can earn much more than that one random battles.

Finally, the fucking powercreep is on display for everyone to exploit. The entire fucking mode is nothing more than dozens of Bourrassque players dominating the shit out of everyone. lets just use the premiums as an example, if you have something like T34, Is6, 4202, M46 or whatever, its pointless even turning up. It actually gets slightly better when the tier 9's start tbh, but by then the game is almost over.

Even something good like a skorp is useles when it gets rushed by these fucking borats than just slap you for 900 hp then run away. If you're trying to play in a stock T8, just give up now.

The rewards are dogshit aswell.

I'm not saying its a total fail, but you can just copy and paste random battles onto big maps and expect it all to be fine. It needs work and tweaking and it could be great.


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