The new bond system is total bullshit

For fucks sake, this limit is so fucking annoying. Over the course of 5 days with only 1 tier 10, I was only able to earn 250 bonds with PREMIUM MISSIONS AND EPIC BATTLE ACIEVEMENTS. I'd be fine if they lowered the reward, but for FUCKS SAKE, REMOVE THE FUCKING 100 WEEKLY LIMIT.

An example:
To get 100 guaranteed bonds per week, I'll need a tier 10 with full setup and food for about ONLY 25 BATTLES TO GET THE 100 WEEKLY BONDS:

6,100,000 credits+ 1,800,000 credits setup+ 500,000 credits food + 120,000 consumables + 500,000 repairs = A GRABD FUCKING TOTAL OF 9,100,000 CREDITS. No shit.

With prem acc, which I won't actually buy, I can earn about 80k profit per battle easily without boosters. Boosters will make it at about 110k. And let's assume I'll use the 37 hours of boosters worth: a battle takes 6-7minutes: about 9 battles per hour. 9x37x110=36.6 million. BUT IM NOT GONNA PLAY THE DEFENDER FOR 37 HOURS. AND THAT WILP ONLY GIVE ME 3 FULL SETUP TIER 10s

If WG halves the rewards but removes the limit:

Imma need 50 battles to earn 100, but imma play the Ebr happily for 200 or more battles: giving me a total of 400 bonds, spending more money in the short run but significantly more bonds.

And to get yourself a prem tank, or if you get not enough bonds in the upcoming clan wars (starts on the 15th right?), Well then, you can go fuck yourself and throw all your hopes into the dumpster



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