The new player experience is utterly attrocious

WARNING: THIS IS MOSTLY A RANT AND A VENT, FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THIS POST COMPLETELY.. though it might open some discussion unless i'm beating a dead horse, so bear with me.

TL;DR at the bottom

I'm a player from NA that has been playing this game for a tiny tiny bit more than 2 years, I have invited a lot of players in to the game, and all of them, I repeat, ALL OF THEM have left at some point, none of them sticked to it, and here I will show some reasons why they did if not all, but these reasons are mostly predictable if you played the game enough

Tier 1 – 4

This is filled up with pesky sealclubbers that have nothing better to do and, well, club seals. Every single match me and the friend I invited into the game go into is filled with a least a portion of sealclubbers, and that really affects the learning curve of a new player, since most of them get op positions/op tanks/both and destroy not only me and my friend but a fair amount of our team, there is no room for a new player to learn much while constantly being bashed in the head by some low life, garbage, egoistic human being that prey on the weak.

It is very frustrating for them and they have quite a hard time battling against those shitheads, specially when almost every match has either a Matilda, a Valentine, or a Hetzer. You can spam gold ammo on Matilda but the DPM will still be worse than her's, Valentine is more manageable but same case, Hetzer is just.. well, if you don't die for it's one-shot derp gun you will cry at the corner of your bedroom cuz you lost 90% of your hp… did I mention it's armor is kinda hard to pen too? Specially with a tier 3 tank? Oh yeah, there is that too.

Overrall, tier 1 to 4 is a shit fest for new players because of some semi-op tanks + sealclubbers, which is pretty bad. Also, yes, I know that the HP of low tiers got buffed and I think that's a good and necessary thing, but it still doesn't solve the main issue.

Tier 5

This is the tier that has less sealclubbers and the ones that exist are o t67's generally, which are manegeable, but there is a big fucking elephant in the room: The introduction of Arty.

Now, I know there is arty on previous tiers, but they are all collector items, tier 5 is where you will actually see an increase of arty because it is actually in the techtree, and the most infamous tier 5 arty will also start to appear: leFH18B2 AKA the Leafblower. You are probably familiar with it, low damage, but reloads fast as fuck, it's basically a M44 at tier 5.. and it's premium. So imagine you being a new player on your brand new KV-1 speeding to the city to try to brawl and uh-oh you got hit by arty that's okay 100 damage OH WAIT YOU GOT HIT AGAIN uh how weird same arty and all and YOU GET HIT AGAIN and before you know it you are either dead or half of your HP gets deleted because you dared to go somewhere on the map.

Although, any 2-3 enemy arty match will do the same as the Leafblower does, which is still bad.

Tier 6

Well you got a KV-1S as a new player, cool, you survived the Leafblower! It can't get worse than this… right? Well, the M44 exists… and a lot of arty players use it, making tier 6 a shitshow where most matches are triple arty, and most of the arty is M44.

If I remember myself, on 2020 there was ranking of what is the most played tank in the game. And the winner was M44, this shows how op this thing is, it does enough damage and reloads pretty fast, put 2 or 3 of these baddies in the enemy team, and every KV-1S or heavy/medium tank will suffer through the match, imagine trying to learn the game while constantly getting a bomb up your ass, then your tracks eventually break, you fix them, they break again, and you are like "well fuck me then".


Needless to say… right now, the game might be in the best state it has ever been, arty doesn't one-shot you with AP shells like it did back in the day, but it is still not good, not only for new players, but for people like you who play the game frequently. Sealclubbers fuck you up if you are a newbie, tier 5 and 6 arty fucks you up if you are a newbie that kept on playing the game even with the shitfest tier 1 to 4 is, no wonder why every people I invited to the game ended up leaving before reaching tier 7.

I know that arty changes are coming that may make them easier to manage, but I'm skeptical about it, and sealclubbers will still be a problem in the game even if arty gets fixed. Yet, wargaming wants to put this game on Steam for the whole Steam community to try out, i'm honestly curious on what the reviews will look like when it launches on Steam.

The Solution

The solution isn't much different from the numerous things you have heard in this subreddit, again, remember the "maybe i'm beating a dead horse" at the beginning of this post? Yup

For arty, we will have to wait to see if the rework will be enough, in case it isn't, limit arty to 1 per team, if not enough, remove stun, if not enough, lower damage in half. But most importantly: NERF. THE. GOD. DAMN. M44. And if possible, the Leafblower as well.

For the sealclubbers… i'm not sure. There has been a debate if being matched up against other sealclubbers would be a good thing or not, and i'm not sure if it would be a good thing or not as well, so i'm leaving this open for you to think. But they sure are a problem that need to be fixed somehow if WG cares about the health of their game

Overral, this was mostly a vent and a rant about the game. I absolutely LOVE World of Tanks with all my heart, and I want this game to grow, but if the new player experience isn't good then we are not going nowhere. Getting new people into the game is harder this way and in a way makes WG lose a fair amount of money they could have earned.

To conclude this… mess of a post. I want to say that I've never written an article THIS big. So I hope I at least did an okay job.

Thanks for reading all the way through, if you did. And please, share your thoughts in the comment section. Upvote or Downvote my post however you see fit.

TL;DR tier 1 to 4 is cancer for newbies because of sealclubbers and tanks like matilda, valentine and hetzer being spammed. Tier 5 and 6 are bad because of Leafblower and Excess of M44's. I invited a lot of friends to play the game and NONE of them reached tier 7 mostly because of these reasons.


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