the O-1 exp is the most disepointing lvl 5 tank

I personaly think that the O-1 exp is the most disepointng lvl 5 tank because of:

first your a giant target that is easy to hit because your big as 3 elephant and your slow af

secondly the stock canon does a lot of damage but it takes 10 sec to reload so a tank that fires a shot that does 75 damage and reloads in 2 sec does more damage

thirdly the stock canon as shitty penetration so forget the HE shells

fourthly to upgrade to a actual canon you need 10 000 xp with a tank that does nothing exept ruin the paint job of a enemy tank

and finaly his armor is crap even a light tank as better armor than the O-1 exp that to remind you is a heavy

so this is my opignion and if you know a tank that is more disepointing then the O-1 dont get mad and put it in the comment btw sorry for my bad spelling


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