The Potatoes Guide to Centurion 5/1 RAAC

Centurion 5/1 RAAC, as of June 2020

The Centurion is a curious tank. My damage per game is bad in this tank, but my win rate is a lot higher than it should be, and with my 182 games in it (most of them in my time as a potato), it should not simply be a fluke.

So what does this tank do, that makes my damage low but my win rate high? Well it survives a lot, even with it's shitty gun (It's great on paper, but in reality underwhelming), because it has a great turret and passable upper front plate. This does require you to play it hull down, which detracts a bit from it's potato score.

The upper hull is pretty good, and the turret is very strong for a tier 8 medium, so if you're somewhat hull down it will save you a lot, but if you get caught in the open you're dead.

The Cent 5/1 also has 400 meter view range, which combined with the strong turret gives you a lot of accidental spot damage when you look over ridges for shots.

The biggest problem with the Cent 5/1 is, that you will likely feel like you don't really have great games, even though you actually contribute a lot to winning, so if big damage numbers are important to you, this tank is not.

Potato score: 6.5 / 10 (recommended if you know how to play hull down, really NOT recommended otherwise)


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