The Potatoes Guide to the M54 Renegade

M54 Renegade, as of May 2020

The Renegade is a tricky tank to play, but not entirely unfit for potatoes. The frontal armor is surprisingly strong even if you don't know the first thing about angling it, and the very obviously weak cupola is quite trollish at times, especially at long range. I've bounced a lot more shells than the armor layout would suggest I should.

The Gun will hit where you point it, if you let it aim all the way in, but it's not actually terrible at snap shotting either.

The view range is really good, so if you put Optics on it you can quite often spot for your other heavies, getting in some sweet assistant damage, and getting the first shots on enemies.

The Renegade is also pretty mobile, without being so fast that you will outpace all the other heavies and find yourself alone against the enemy.

Combined this is a tank with many advantages, that will do alright in the hands of potatoes, but don't expect miracles. The hull is useless against higher tiers, and good players WILL snipe your Cupola.

update: If you acquire the ability to analyse the teams and adjust your role on the battlefield, like playing it as a medium when you're bottom Tier, the tank is really really good.

Potato score: 6 / 10 Potato.


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