The real reason this game is unfun

Let's be real, the REAL reason that the game is unfun is not premium ammo, not necessarily arty (even though everybody fucking hates arty) or wheeled vehicles.
The real reason is matchmaking.

Oh you're you and you got your first tier 6? Good luck fighting full gold spamming tier 8 premium tanks.
Finally grinded enough for that sweet tier 8 tech tree tank, just to fight tier 9/10's and go 300 damage and die if you're not full spamming gold with food and 10 skill crews.

"BuT uH, yOu'Re JuSt BaD dUdE." I think the majority of players will agree with this, since it's the most annoying and shit thing about game, the matchmaking fucking you up and ending up doing nothing.

Until recently I only played the tier 10 tanks I already grinded for since playing lower tier I always had this problem until I wanted to grind the Kranvagn. Playing the Emil I was constantly suffering getting penned in my turret by over-tier tanks.

Probably this has been said one too many times but I'm just so tired of constantly having to play this shitty game because there are no other tank games that I like. I guess we'll have to wait until Modern Armor update comes to PC in 10 years.


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