The state of Grille 15.

(English is my second language so please ignore any errors. Thank you :D) Grille is a weird tank. When it was first coming out everyone despised it, becuase it was replacing everyone's favourite WT auf. E100. But soon people noticed that it was a very nice tank that was fun to play. It was german tho, so WG nerfed it and nowadays it's crap. It is outclassed by Strv 103b and needs a buff in order to be competitive again.

Let's look at Grille 15's tech tree. Tiers 8 and 9 have fully traversable turrets, while Grille hasn't. Giving Grille 270 deegres of gun arch and -8 gun depression would be a perfect buff.

Another things that tiers 8 and 9 have are 2 top guns. One with more dpm, better pen and better accuracy, and the second one with big alpha. Grille 15 should have another gun too, not only would it be a potential buff, but would also make the tank more interesting and more historically accurate -they've planned on giving it either a 128mm or 15cm gun. Tank would be renamed to just Grille.

The stats of the first 128mm gun are :

Dmg: 600 Ap /600 Apcr /790 He –

Penetration: 292 / 360 / 90 +

Reload time: 14s +

RoF: 4,3 +

Dpm: 2571 +

Accuracy: 0,26 +

Aim time: 1,3s +

Shell velocity: 1350 / 1500 / 900 m/s +

Second 15cm gun:

Dmg: 900 Ap /900 Heat /1200 He +

Penetration: 276/334/103 –

Reload time: 23s –

RoF: 2,6 –

Dpm: 2347 –

Accuracy: 0,33 –

Aim time: 2,4s –

Shell velocity: 1050 m/s –

In brief, the first gun is better than the second one in everything but the alpha dmg. I've put + and – signs so you know how these stats look like in relation to the current gun. TERRIBLE SOFT STATS THAT GRILLE CURRENTLY HAS WILL REMAIN THE SAME IN BOTH GUNS.

Another thing I would buff is the camo, so that it would be only slightly worse than the one Wt. auf Pz. 4 has.

To counterbalance all these buffs I'd give it a big top speed nerf:

Top speed: 35/15 –

Engine: 900 Hp +

Rotation: 30 degrees/s +

What do you think about this idea? Are the gun stats I came up with balanced? Would this rebalance be a good buff to the tank, or would it be too much/ too little? And what gun would you prefer if these changes made it into the game? I spent quite a lot of time on this since Grille 15 is my favourite tank and I can't watch him suffer like that 🙁


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