The state of things…

Today, I reinstalled the game after almost 3 years of inactivity. I spent about 6 hours on and off doing everything from tier V to tier X. Random battles.

I can safely say after my experiences that I am truly saddened by the current situation the game is in. Arty is still a very persistent nuisance, as always. The wheeled tanks are weird but not as OP as I read they were. I don't ever see super skilled players…. the highest XVM I've seem is blue. I'm not the greatest player. 8k battles with 56% WR and a 2,150 WN8. But most people I see are yellow and orange in XVM. When i used to play, purple and blue were much more common. Where has all the talent gone?

What makes me the most disappointed is the lack of community that I see. I come from the days when clam warts was in its prime. Diplomacy.. clan recognition, reputation, and rivalry.. I'm not seeing any of it. Anywhere. I am trying not to shit where I eat. I enjoyed world of tanks since before there were more than a handful of tech trees and tier IX was the highest you could go.

Is it all just a lemming train of IDGAF and on to the next one nowadays? Or am I missing something


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