The state of tier 8 right now

I don't know if I'm the only one that's having an awful time trying to play in tier 8

Currently I have like 15 tier 8 tanks from the tech trees to play with, and it's truly a nightmare, with those that are stock and those that are not. I play with my cousin, and we are extremely tired of the MM in tier 8

In more than 50 games, we've never been top tier against tier 6,and only twice against tier 7. Every other game is against all tier 8, a bunch against tier 9,and a few games against tier 10. If we take a look at those tier 8 games, it's mostly against at least 6 or 7 premium tanks that use gold ammo, so no bouncing or blocking for you, and against 6 or 7 tank destroyers, so the team with the best spotters wins

It is extremely tiring to try to play with the tech tree tanks against people that are tryharding every game, where a mistake ruins your game, where you can't properly endure hits because of the gold spam, where a misstep means that a progetto will outtrade your medium tank, or a bourrasque will eat half of ur hp because he caught your side, or you're gonna get blasted by an isu 152k, or you get retaliation from a gsor and die in one clip, or they have 3 skorpion so you can't move in the open, and I could go on and on. The only good thing about tier 8 is that there's a really small amount of artillery per game, dunno why exactly

Then I play in tier 7 or tier 9 and what a miracle, I'm usually top tier and I get good games, and I have fun, and there's way less bullshit

If I'm the only one who's suffering this, holy hell am I not unlucky. If this is happening to more players, I just wanted to relieve some stress and let you know that you're not alone


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