The SuperPershing desperately needs those mobility buffs

Don't get me wrong, bouncing those tier 9 tanks is fun as hell and creates these awesome moments of one man army stands. The armouring is great and the 90mm gun does work for its tier. But the speed, holy shit man, I feel like I'm playing a slightly faster Lowe. I know WG put out a little supertest page of buffs they were giving to old premium tanks. And while I think the Lowe should be on that list (alpha buff pls) I was happy to see the SuperPershing gets more engine power and improved dynamics. So, when is that happening WG?

Also if anyone asks, I would buff the alpha damage of the Lowe to 360 damage. In the current state of Defenders and Somuas, I feel that the atrocious DPM is no longer the required handicap in exchange for its reliable and sturdy armouring. It's still slow as fuck, which should be the downside. Decent alpha gun with fantastic penetration and high ammo capacity, well armoured but sluggish and easy to overwhelm.

And no, I'm not claiming that Somua is on the same broken level as the Defender, just that it's a really good tank and can potentially one-clip a Lowe lol. Nothing even comes close to being as broken as the Defender


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