The T-44 and T-54 are both very strong.

So I’ve seen a lot of people hating on these two, and honestly I don’t get why. These are both carry tanks if you know what you’re doing. Their only true downsides are standard pen, which you can work around.

T-44 has 150mm effective hull armour which is good against lower tier. It’s also very fast with excellent p/w, has a snappy gun, even some turret armour. It’s also well camouflaged to boot. What’s not to like?

T-54 is even better. 190mm effective hull armour, very tough turret, either a high DPM brawling gun or a lower DPM sniping gun to choose from. And again, it’s fast with excellent P/w and good camouflage. It also has 330 HEAT pen which can contest pretty much all armour in the game.

Why do people hate these two? They are both a lot better than some meds at their tier. Is it the stock grind for the T-54? Or the low standard pen?

Am I missing something?


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