The upcoming buffs to the E50m and the 140 again show exactly how disconnected WG actually is with this game in terms of balaning

So as you may know some tanks will get some love soon, including the E50m and the Object 140. Of course I was quite excited, until I checked what they actually doing for the E50m. Its only the armor, the cheeks of the turrets get a buff from about 190mm right now to about 240mm with the next patch. It does sound like a nice buff, but if you look at the turret – its still flat. And this means that it will have little mpact in high tier gameplay, and zero against gold-spam. Sure, T8s and T9s will struggle to pen you with standard ammo, but thats about it.

On the other hand the Object 140 also gets a buff to its upper plate – from around 200mm to 240mm and also 1 degree of gun depression, which puts the tank at a nice 7 degrees. And while on paper this looks like a simular buff (the E50m also has 8 degrees of depression) it will be so much better on the 140. The reason is this – when the 140 shoots down using its now improved depression it will actually have 300-330mm of effective armor and autobounce angles on its upper hull. And this tank already has a trollish turret. So in comparison next patch the E50m will get a shitty improvement against T8s and T9s, while the Object 140 will get a super neat buff even against T10 heat-spam in this scenario.

And thats just WG balancing for you.

If you look at these tanks right now and compare the E50m and the Object 140 youll notice that the 140 overall is a far more mobile, stealthy, low profile tank with great gun handling on the move, DPM and trollish armor – while the E50m is pretty much a brick of a tank with a lot of heavy but usless armor only really good for meme ramming, thats slowing the tank down but doesnt provide it with much use, a slow ass reload, tragic DPM and gun acc thats only great on paper. Its an absolute joke hull-down and this also will stay true at high tiers. The E50m, as much as I loved it, is a pile of crap compared to the Leo and even though the Object 140 isnt meta, the E50m is still miles behind.

The E50m desperatly needs a buff in many regards, while the 140 is actually fine. Now they buffing both, and while the Object 140 gets game-changing utility in form of auto-bounce angles, the E50m gets dick. I mean common, T8s and T9s will struggle more with standard ammo – thats nothing. This wont bring this tank back at all. You still far better of with a Leo (which I think will get hit too in the future) and definitly far better with a 140.

Thanks for trying, WG, but this is pretty worthless

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