There is no balance in Global map! Say your idea.

Ok, first of all, every player that will suck on this post and has T95/FV4201, obj. 279e… has no rights to say anything. Except you are not/you are right, or they want same chance for everyone.

When WG banned reward tank in ranked, they made a good decision, making a chance for everyone to perform well, mostly.

Now, when is the end of Global map, didn't you even think about how unfair is for clans that doesn't have reward tanks.

Most of you guys would say: "if they are not good clan and they didn't got reward tanks, then about what do you talk about". You are right 30%. Then what about ranked, does it mean that only good players has these reward tanks, no. What I am saying is that every clan should have same chances and opportunities in global map…

Does it mean that clans who made it to get chief in global map first time are winning always. What about new players, are you leaving them to compete with older players who got chief. Didn't even think about it.

So first one who got chief are always winning, very good job, not giving a fu**ing chance to new players or players that didn't got chief and one thing more I am not saying this that you should get these reward tanks for free, just that everyone should have chance.

Thank you for understanding.


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