There is one simple trick that will win a lot of players’ heart if WG does it

Nerf the Chieftain.

Every unicon I know, including myself, think Chieftain deserve the nerf, maybe only those who solely rely on this tank to farm wn8 would cry.

To future explain on this

  1. Chieftain's obtaining has nothing to do with being a good player or not. Thankfully WG decided to not giving more chieftain as a CW reward, but the point still stands.
  2. People thinks 279e is as op as chieftain, but you know the reason why CW is 10 chieftain not 10 279e on each side.
  3. Yes people will massively bring the next op tank in CW if chief is nerfed, but literally every other powerful tank has one or two cons. Chieftain? I did not see.
  4. Reward tanks should not be immue to nerf. World of warship, wargaming's another title, already nerfed 3 reward ships in recent (Stalingrad, FDR and Thunderer). I can understand op prems not getting nerfed because WG rely on them to make money, plus the "so-called law that forbid to nerf p2w tanks" (it's in fact not a law at all, this has been debunked). No WOWS players were complaing these ships getting nerfed, because these ships are too forgiving, braindeadly easy, just as Chieftain in WOT


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