Things I don’t get about WOT

  1. Why do people always go to the same location on the map regardless of the game mode? Like for example on Steppes. In a Standard Battle it makes sense for the heavies to go to the rocks and the river on the 1 and 2 line. But if you do that on Encounter the first thing you're doing is driving away from the objective? Wouldn't it make more sense to go towards the cap and set up around it and control the approaches and perhaps someone goes onto the cap to put time pressure on the opposition? There are more maps where this is a thing, but Steppes came to mind first.
  2. Why do some people feel the need to slag off players after a game? Had a game recently where I didn't play well, and to be fair the team didn't do that well either since we lost 15-5 or something like that. Afterwards a player with over 50k games and iirc a 50%+ winrate (possibly more) sends me a message angry that I dare to play T9 since I have so few games and a low winrate. Granted T9 might be too much for me now but I'm not going to improve unless I challenge myself. What goes through people's mind when they're trying to act as gatekeepers like that?


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