Things I See that make me shake my head

  1. Tank gets blown up by multiple hits… sits there smoking. Teammate, not a minute later, pulled up right next to a dead teammate. Gets blown up. What was the second guy expecting?
  2. I pull up on a berm behind cover in my TD with high camo value. I know I am not going to be seen by distant enemy players. Medium or heavy tank pulls up on the same berm, in the bushes. The first thing he does is shoot. There are literally no spots to shoot at. Bang, bang, bang. Boom!! Two or three enemy fire on him or worse yet, arty targets him, also damaging me. Why do people shoot at NOTHING? Just rocks… where an enemy is hiding behind. You may suppress him, but you want him to poke out to get shot.
  3. Ignoring the map. All of the team goes into the "woods of death" in a mad rush and meet up with massed TD's, stall. The enemy rushes the other side as soon as they see your team is lemmings… Game over. OK, it sometimes works, but it is very risky and not worth it. I just saw this yesterday and I was in a slow TD and could not get the rush side to keep moving into the enemy's rear. They were slowly shot to shit.
  4. Enemy light tank makes it into the rear and wreaks havoc, killing arty and slow TD's. Friendly light tanks and fast mediums are nowhere to be seen. OK, I get it, they have their own things to do, but isn't one purpose of having friendly fast movers to counter their fast movers?
  5. Anything else?

I may be pointing out the obvious but I need to post this. Have good games out there.


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