This community has ruined the steam launch of WOT.

The steam release of WOT could have brought many new players to WOT but instead, existing players are just review bombing the steam page with "Cant link wargaming account" reviews.

Just think. If your a new player who finds this really cool tank game what are you going to look at first? the little piece of text that says "Reviews: Mostly Negetive". What even is the point of those reviews? We get it you cant link your account that you have been using with no problem for years now. So now all of a sudden since you cant link your account it deserves a negative review? Come on.

As a new player, what are you going to do after you see that the game has mostly negative reviews? download the game?

Of course not. You're going to leave that game and never think about coming back. I see people complain about how wargaming doesn't care about this game but I think that it's the community that is killing this game. New players might bring more attention to the things in the game that need more attention such as balancing.

Furthermore, when you load into your first tier 1 matches what are you greeted with? very skilled players with thousands of games playing in tier 1 tanks and being far better at the game. This sucks as a new player and is very discouraging.

Just stop filling the reviews with negative reviews and we might get a better game in return.


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