This is a total piss take. I’ve said for months now the rack on the Vz.51 is glitched making it too easy to hit. Ammoracked 3 times in 1 game.

Just had a game on Siegfried.

I rushed a T28 HTC that was camping behind one of the bunkers. As I came into view, he hit me from the front, I lost my rack straight away but I instantly repaired.

I hit him once and it bounces because he was trying to move so I got a bad bounce. Second followup shot killed him.

Just as he died, someone else off to my right (another tier 7) fired and hit my track and rack at the same time. Great, second hit on the ammorack in less than 7 seconds.

Couple of seonds later, a T25/2 off to the left fires, ammo rack (again) plus explosive detonation.

From full HP to zero with 3 hits on the ammo rack in less than 15 seconds from three tier 7 tanks against a tier 9 heavy.

i've said for months now the rack on this thing is glitched to shit. I reckon 50-75% of my games I lose the rack. It's a joke.

I cant find any link or site that actually shows how big the rack is, but it's either far bigger than it should be, or its just glitched to breaking point.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this.


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