Thoughts on perm PvE in WoT

TL:DR: You read this instead of the entire post, because you're the player base that is running the game with 5 min one sided battles.

I've been playing this game off and on since Beta, love it, love the concept, love the vehicles, most of em (beat the Faggetto with a stick like a red headed stepchild), but in the past 3 years the game has slumped immensely. The game play style has changed from having actual competent players on both sides, enjoying a good 15 min match, instead of the current 5 min seal clubbing. The game has reached its peak of what it can offer and it shows on active player base. Now, I know MMOs will eventually have a drop in active players, but this has gotten really bad and WG is going to have to think of something new to bring back old players and keep new ones. One thing I have always wanted to see is a permanent PVE experience, with a type of raiding system that is separate or tied to the PVP aspect. When they had the Road to Berlin event, not to mention the Mirny and WT event, they were fun, engaging, makes people work together, and learn how to play the game. I could give tons of ideas for this, on what type of missions or objectives one would be able to do, but it would be more fun to have an out of PVP experience than we currently have. The game is very stagnant, it has been for a while. Those of you who know, will understand and I am already seeing the troll morons who are part of the problem commenting, I'll just ignore those.

If you have some actual intelligent insight or debate, not bash, DEBATE, about this please let me know. Curious of how many people feel the same.


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