Tier 10 Heavy Tank Survey Results

Yesterday I posted a poll regarding the Tier 10 tech tree heavy tanks and asked people to rank them from S Tier to F Tier. Today, I'm posting the results of this poll. In total 155 different people submitted a form, with some refraining from voting for tanks that they were not well acclimated with. The least popular tank, poll wise, was the T57 Heavy at 136 different votes. This is my fault, as I forgot to add it initially and by the time I did 8 submissions had been added. Only one tank received all 155 responses, the AMX-50B. In order to show the data, I converted each tier into a numerical value, with S tier being 6 and descending by 1 till F tier, which was 1. After doing this, I took the average value for each tank as well as the standard deviation for each tanks dataset. The results are tabulated below.

TankAverage RankStandard Deviation
60 TP Lewandowskiego5.000.850
AMX 50B3.871.11
AMX M4 mle. 542.631.16
Object 2775.420.68
Object 705A4.291.07
Panzerkampfwagen VII2.571.15
Super Conqueror5.480.70
T57 Heavy3.840.90
Type 5 Heavy2.061.18
WZ-111 model 5A5.030.89

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mq6x66/tier_10_heavy_tank_survey_results/

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