Tier Ten is Garbage

Not only has Foch left the game and added his own remarks as to why this game is trash and tier ten specifically, but now Awesome Epic Guys do the same.


But it is way worse than even Awesome Epic Guys can explain.

  • Bond rewards only added more yolo fail to tier ten
  • Tier ten is more punishing which creates ROLF stomps more quickly when morons are in game
  • Almost every game is ALL tier ten which ruins the advantage of even playing tier ten
  • All the reasons other people have stated as well

The bottom line here is that playing tier ten is simply not worth it at all. You can take your bonds and shove them. I don't give a damn what rewards you put for suffering tier ten garbage. It isn't worth it and you can shove tier ten up your rear as well. Thanks for nothing but fail Wargaming.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ky8a3t/tier_ten_is_garbage/

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