Tier x MM and win rates

After like a 5-6 year break i came back to the game. I got myself finally the m48 patton and i am trying to enjoy it but i have a really hard time. The tank is superbe but it must be cursed or i have to play like skill to win a game.

In about 60 games i have somethijg like 30% win rate. If it matters i have a wot rating of like 5.3k(was really shit back when i played, now gained like 500 in 1 month i think), and about 2k dmg per game dealt.

Apart from like 6-7 games i clearly recall i could have done better and win them, the rest are 3 15 loses, with me having maus players with 2k rating that snipe from the base. I really tought it s a git gut problem(and for sure that is a part of it) but the mm is just killing me with it s unbalance. Lemming trains, guys that go over a ridgline to
Snipe somthing and die in the first minute etc etc.

Is this how tier x is or i just had a bad time?
At tier 8 and 9 evrythibg looks a liitle bit better, in my conq i have pretty good games and let s say decent team, but on x oh boi it s painful.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dewfu6/tier_x_mm_and_win_rates/

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