Tier10 is unplayable, something has to change.

I've been playing wot for nearly 10 years and I've never felt that the game is broken, unbalanced or whatever. Well, now it feels like this. I'm not tired or anything, I just can't accept the fact that the game has turned to race cars and 2d battleship table game. For the last year, it is nearly impossible to play tier10. Every second battle has 6 arties and at least one or two wheelies. Only one out of ten has no arty.

How are we supposed to play in any class other than wheelies or ultra-stealth tds? Any aggressive med or heavy play is instantly punished .

I have played arty myself, all 4 nations, in fact, I know arty players' mentality, I know how to make use of them and avoid them to an extent. But I just can't play like that in every single battle. I can't play an stb from the red line nor spot for someone else to farm damage. If I wanted the latter I would just play lights. I welcomed the anonymizer, thinking that it would make things different. It doesn't matter if you are getting focused or not. With 6/30 tanks as arties the game is simply different. A nerve-wracking rng shitshow.

So, regarding changes.

  1. Arty has to be nerfed significantly. It is unacceptable to reduce 1/4 of a tier10 med hp from the other side of the map. Stun mechanic is interesting but the damage is ridiculously high. And it has to be reduced to only one arty per team. I know what this will cause to the mm, but it is going to help in the long term. With hard cap to 1 per team it practically means that every single battle will have arty and this is good. The psychological factor that arty creates promotes a more dynamic gameplay, but when there are 6 in every battle, it becomes the exact opposite. Also, I don't accept the argument regarding complains from those who main arty, that it will increase queue times. NOBODY enjoys 3 arties per team, not even arty players. Less tanks, less hp, faster battles are things that no arty player wants.

  2. Wheelies. What the actual fuck wg. You removed T-50-2 and WTE100 because they were gamebreaking and to some decree I agree, although WT had huge drawbacks, and you introduced this line? HE pen has to be nerfed to half. Accuracy on the move has to be decreased and the cartoony turning speed has to change. How does wg justify the tier8-10 german, chinese and british lights? The premium tier8 wheelie can rip apart a tier9, and under certain circumistances even tier10, ge/ch/br light, in a face to face brawl.

  3. No weakspots on tanks. It started with s.conq and then it was finalized with 709 and chieftain, the rightfully called, tier11 heavies. The fact that these tanks exist is the reason so many people "escape" to wheelies and arty. It is just plain disgusting for new players in their tier8 heavies to meet these tanks.

Anyway, sorry for the text wall. I would like to hear your thoughts. Keep it safe and hf!

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