Time to Buff WZ-132-1

When the tier 10 LTs first came out, the WZ was considered the strongest because it had the best alpha.

Since then, the other tanks have been buffed significantly. The only "buff" the WZ got was a few extra shells. That's pretty much a joke. As you can see the Sheridan is now better in terms of the gun (handling, DPM, even shell capacity) with the same alpha, and the AMX has a 3-shot autoloader with only slightly worse handling, and the same alpha. They both have lower per-shell cost than the WZ.

The only two advantages the WZ has are a) weight and b) strong turret. So the WZ can ram, and some times it can get away with hull-down fighting (although with the lack of depression, even that is tough).

After playing it for a while, the gun is just simply too frustrating to be useful. The handling is bad and the reload is long. You can't peek-a-boom trade with anything because it doesn't snapshot well and you aren't really "trading up" even if you hit, because other LTs and mediums hit just as hard.

The tank itself is fine as a platform. I think there are two obvious ways to fix it:

  • Buff the gun handling
  • Increase the alpha

Out of those options, I like the latter best. There are already LTs with good gun handling. To keep some variety in the choices, having one LT be "king of alpha" would be nice. Conveniently that used to be the role of the WZ, until they buffed the Sheridan & AMX. The alpha should be increased to 420, and the RoF decreased slightly to keep the DPM below the T-100 LT.

On a final note, the tier 10 LTs are now clearly divided into "the good, the bad, and the ugly."


  • T-100 LT
  • EBR 105
  • AMX 13 105


  • Sheridan
  • WZ-132-1


  • Rhm Pzw

I have a good idea what would make the WZ-132-1 competitive. What would it take for the Sheridan & Rhm?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/c4pol0/time_to_buff_wz1321/

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